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Accounting Services

At Tax Consultants we are strong advocates of reports and reporting and we provide a wide range of these based on the changing conditions of the global market. The current tax legislation is the key factor in each report that you will receive. Therefore, you are always informed and ready to respond to any change.

Full list of the accounting services that Tax Consultants provide.

You will be provided with tax and accounting solutions that will be tailored to your business, and at the same time we can prepare any financial and cash flow report that is required on a case-by-case basis.

Our executives are proficient in the following programs:

The accounting services offered by Tax Consultants are a top choice for your business because:

  • Your company’s books are kept by our executives who hold Class A & B licenses from the Economic Chamber of Greece and have years of experience in this sector.
  • They have years of experience and hold all their specialization certificates.
  • Our accounting services are subject to a strict internal audit procedure which ensures the quality and efficiency of the provided service.
  • We are fully trained in all accounting error elimination techniques. At the same time, we immediately identify deviations from accounting standards, which are immediately addressed.
  • Our accounting services are provided to both Greek companies and subsidiaries. They are specifically provided to: SA, LTD, Private Companies, NGOs, as well as General and Limited Liability Companies.
  • Our services are offered in Greek and in English to better serve our customers. Transfer pricing documentation services and IFRS are also provided.

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