Payroll Services

Payroll Services are an important addition to the services that we already provide. Although they are necessary in every business, they are time consuming and need to be properly structure and require close attention to detail. At Tax Consultants, we undertake all the Payroll Services that are listed below:

  • Collection and processing of all the data for the monthly calculation of your payroll; preparation of your company’s payroll lists.
  • Issue of journal entry to update your books.
  • Preparation, printing and electronic dispatch of payment receipts to each employee with an earnings-deduction breakdown.
  • Creation and dispatch of payroll file to the bank for salaries to be credited to your employees’ accounts.
  • Creation and submission of XML file for submission to ERGANI (SEPE and OAED), annual personnel lists, new recruitments or departures and modification program.
  • Registration with the social security office and Auxiliary funds, Electronic submission of Detailed Periodic Declarations.
  • Preparation - submission of contributions for main and auxiliary insurance.
  • Processing of payroll for foreign personnel or senior executives.
  • Your company’s participation in OAED subsidized programs.
  • Representation of your company before SEPE and any government agency.
  • Budgeting payroll costs for the current or next fiscal year.
  • Calculation of the provision for employee compensation according to the needs of your company (also in excel format).
  • Consultancy services for every labor dispute based on the labor law, with the assistance of a labor expert.
  • HR services: assessment of new and existing personnel and provision of a detailed report.

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