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Tax Consultants is a pioneering company in the tax services field. It consist of a specialized team of experts who handle each customer, individual or company on a personalized basis. Therefore, its name is quite fitting: that is, fully qualified and experienced consultants who are able to provide tax solutions.

Our philosophy is founded on two thematic pillars: Proper organization and operation of accounting office and in-depth knowledge in the field’s legislative developments. For this reason, we offer our services after holding a free initial meeting with all new clients.

If you are a company, after arranging an appointment, a Tax Consultants Guru will visit your facilities to thoroughly record any dysfunction that exists in your accounts department. Thus, you will be provided with a business plan that is absolutely tailored to the nature of your business, its specific requirements and all the modern legislation which may not be fully integrated by the business, thus impeding the efficiency of its accounting office.

If you are an individual, the client will receive the utmost care at Tax Consultants, so that his/her tax affairs are handled quickly, easily and definitely to his/her advantage. Our organized and personalized customer service makes Tax Consultants the safest choice!

Our history

Our journey began in 2006 with Co.In Solutions as our first client. Today, 12 years later, we monitor the accounting and labor issues of more than 100 companies. We also serve an equivalent number of individuals.

The Tax Consultants team’s methodical approach, organization and in-depth knowledge are just a few reasons why the company has marked a steady upward trend in recent years. The client, whether natural or legal person, receives personalized service, thereby ranking the company the best choice in the tax services sector.

Our experienced associates with proven knowledge in tax issues, provide your accounting office with solutions and organize it properly. Tax Consultants’ efficiency is measurable and is evident every day of our collaboration.

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